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A fast paced day and a half of information about Wil-Trans.

The Program is designed to get Wil-Trans drivers, Owner Operators, and Lease Operators up to speed with Wil-Trans company policies, procedures, and business practices.

Our goal is to get you, the operator, out and making money as soon as practically possible, and give you the confidence and knowledge to run using our business model.

Wil-Trans orientation classes start on Tuesday mornings at 0900 hours, and finish on Thursday some time late-afternoon.  (Holiday schedules may vary somwewhat from that.)

Wil-Trans recommends that you arrive on Monday before orientation and complete the required DOT Physical and drug testing prior to 1600 hours.

For your convenience during orientation, a shuttle will be available to take you to and from your hotel, doctors office, and Wil-Trans at no charge.

For additional information on Wil-Trans and the orientation schedule, please feel free to contact one of our recruiters at 888-WIL-TRAN (888-945-8726). 


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